New female character coming to Angry Birds

The company behind the very popular and successful Angry Birds series have been very busy of late. As well as releasing their first non Angry Birds game ‘Amazing Alex’, Rovio also showed off an update to their most recent Angry Birds game, Angry Birds Space. We know that sometime in the Fall, Rovio will send the Angry Birds off to the Red Planet. At the same time, we may also see a new character emerge in the game. Over on Twitter, the game company have shown off an image with the words “Who turned out the lights?” The accompanying image to the message shows us a pair of big eyes, accompanied by a pair of very long eyelashes leading us to believe that Rovio are about to introduce an all new female character in to the Angry Birds franchise. At the moment, that is all that Rovio are teasing us with. We are yet to know if this new female character will be in Angry Birds Space, or Seasons or the original Angry Birds game. There is of course also a possibility that Rovio could be releasing an all new Angry Birds game, although this seems unlikely as Angry Birds Space hasn’t been out that long and as mentioned above, will be getting a substantial update in the form of Angry Birds Space: Red Planet, in the coming months. The question on every ones lips however, is not which game this female Angry Birds character will feature in but, whether this new lady in the Angry Birds life will be an Angry Bird, perhaps an Angry mommy Bird, or whether she will be one of the egg stealing pigs (egg stealing mommy pig).

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