The New ‘Mobile First’ Gaming Strategy at Juegos Miami

The companies which organise Juegos Miami, the business event for the Pan Latin American and Caribbean gaming sector have achieved the grand confirmation that the Chief Operating Officer of LeoVegas, Marcus Nylen is all set to deliver one of the most anticipated presentations. The presentation has been given the name of ‘Going Mobile – No longer an option’ will provide recommendations to startup business firms to shift their focus on all sorts of hand-held devices. He is a strong believer of the fact that there’s a lot of scope and opportunity in the Caribbean and Latin America and hence he wishes to utilize the event in Florida to build few new relationship with other attendees.

Giving a retrospective glance at his appearance in Miami, Nylen had reportedly said that he was surprised at the diversity which the LATA countries usually offer in terms of development of games and he also added that he is waiting for the opportunity to discussing and learning about the online gaming industry with his peers. He primarily spoke about how mobile is no longer an option but is becoming a ‘MUST’. He would also discuss how all companies can start building their mobile-first approach and include mobile as a part of their multi-channel marketing strategy.

With the seamless transitions, playability, vibrant design and comprehensive offering, the European market-leader, LeoVegas is revered to be the king of mobile casino. Throughout a long span of year, they have built the best possible mobile casino successfully and from the very beginning, they have chosen to adopt a UX (user experience) driven mindset to their approach. In order to be able to deliver successfully on the mobile-first strategy, they strive to include multiple marketing channels in everything that they do. From running operations through games or development of products, user experience is the most important.

Nylen is also of the opinion that those companies which still treat mobile as nothing but an addition to their desktop websites will all be left behind as smartphone users are already soaring through the entire world, thanks to the recent changes in the market. People nowadays look at almost everything from a playful and fun perspective and unless and until you are able to deliver your best to them, they will keep looking for alternatives. As soon as they get one, they will switch. This is why LeoVegas’ strategy of mobile-first works perfectly in the current market environment. They have taken all steps to make their online casino look perfect on mobile devices.

Juegos Miami usually takes place at the Coral Gables, The Baltimore from 31st May to 3rd June. The COO of LeoVegas, Marcus Nylen is one among those 30 famous thought leaders who had appeared in Juegos Miami to apply their knowledge that they incurred while working in some of the well-established international gaming markets. Their attempt to make mobile platforms famous is definitely going to fly high in the near future.

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