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Could be the "H840 Device" the new Nexus Q?

by On

new nexus q In the summer of 2012 Google dropped the Nexus Q, the media-streaming entertainment device, from its offer but now it appears that a new Nexus Q may be in the works. Google didn’t detailed much about abandoning the project, the latest rumors about a new Nexus Q were heard last winter in January, when it was said that Google is working on redesigning the sphere shaped gizmo. More recently, the new Google Play music app appeared with no support for the Nexus Q, which led to the conclusion that a new Nexus Q is out of the question and Google dropped the entire idea. Things changed after some new  FCC documents surfaced and they revealed that Google may be working on a similar project, a media player, a new Nexus Q maybe ? The FCC documentation describes a media player under the code “H840 Device” with the model number H2G2-42. Google asked for the photos and the schemes of the device to remain classified, nothing fishy here, since this is normal for unreleased products of this sort. Examining the documents, the new Nexus Q ( I like the sound of that)  was tested connected to a 24 inches wide Dell monitor, and the gizmo features Wireless Connectivity with a/b/g/n support and an USB port. The USB port doesn’t charge the device, it is used only for data transfer, for powering the gizmo a separate module is necessary, and from these facts we may safely assume that the H840 Device is not a smartphone or a tablet, as these run on batteries. The first Nexus Q was revealed at the 2012 I/O conference and people in the audience received free samples. Afterwards, Google started accepting pre orders for the Nexus Q, yet, inexplicably, soon after that they shut down the project, the pre-orders were shipped free of charge and that was that. At this year’s I/O conference, Google kept quiet about a possible new Nexus Q, yet they mentioned they are working hard for improving the multimedia sphere. The H840 device could be it, don’t you think?   Source: FCC