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New Photo Sharing App Color Lands on Android

by On

Color, a new photo sharing Android app has just been released on the Android Market and has been getting some buzz lately. Basically, with this app you can take photos using your Android phone’s camera and instantly share the photos with other people. Sounds like your usual photo sharing app, right?  Actually, Color Android app has a nice little twist into its functionality. While other photo sharing Android apps allow you to share photos with your Facebook friends or other people, Color on the other hand uses GPS for finding other Color Android app users nearby. Once it finds someone who uses the, you will then be able to share your photos with them. That is of course if you will share your photos with them. So, as early as now, let me remind you to be cautious when sharing your photos via the app as you might be opening up yourself to privacy invasion. Or better yet, use Color only if you’re certain that people you know who uses the app are within 150 ft. away from you. But if you’re objective for using the app is to meet new people and gain new friendships, well you will like Color Android app. Additionally, the app also lets you share your photos with your friends and contact on Facebook and Twitter in case they don’t use Color or if they do they are not within the 150ft radius away from where you are. On the technical side, Color Android app sports a nice, sleek interface. It creates an album of the photos you’ve taken and shared via the app as well as the photos shared by others which you have saved. Color Android app is available as a free download from the Android Market. The app developers recently received quite a good amount of  VC  funding so expect more features to come in the coming days.