New Photos taken from Galaxy S IV

A few days back we got hold of some photos claiming to be taken from Samsung’s Galaxy S IV. The photo was not all that amazing and was a little bit blurry too; today we have gotten some new snaps which are also not that promising. It seems that Picasa is one of the most favorite places to upload forbidden pictures; the first leakers also uploaded the snap to that image hosting service, the second on also followed. The latest pictures were first uploaded and then taken down after a while to a Google+ account. The EXIF data from the photos suggest that they were taken from a device called Samsung GT-I9500, which is also widely believed to be the Galaxy S IV. Once again we will point that the EXI data can be manipulated and altered, so there is no way to make sure of these images originated from the Samsung’s unannounced flagship smartphone or not. The images also have a resolution of 4128 x 2322, which comes around to 9.6 megapixels and have 16:9 aspect ratio. These photos may be taken from a 13 MP camera though, usually 13 MP cameras shoot 9.6 MP pictures in auto mode, and that is the only way the viewfinder can use the full screen in 16:9 aspect ratios. The images were spotted by the clever chaps over at Androsym, and they were thoroughly inspected. The pondering revealed that the images were captured with a Sony Exmor RS 13 MP camera with a 1/3’’ sensor size (4mm focal length). While this may seem appropriate as Samsung is known to use Sony’s sensors in its flagship devices, nothing can be 100% confirmed right now. Another rumor suggests that the Galaxy S IV will have Samsung Orb, a photo sphere mode of its very own. Well, all of this can only be confirmed when Samsung decides to part with more information. Until then check out the images. Source – Androsym

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