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New Safety App Guard My Angel hits the Market

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Sometimes you come across an Android App that’s very helpful and an all-around awesome idea. This is the case with a new App called Guard My Angel that helps keep an eye on you whenever you think you’ll need it. It may not be a red beret wearing Guardian Angel, but it is pretty handy to have on hand if you’re in a sketchy locale. The Guard My Angel app is very simple to use; you just need to set your emergency contacts, set your timer and the app takes care of the rest. When active the app tracks your mobile device by gathering information from its sensors periodically and then it sends that info to Guard My Angels servers. In case of emergency the information stored is sent out to your predetermined list of contacts so they can know your path traveled last location and the battery life of your phone. You can set the app up to contact anyone in your contact list (or anyone in general) through SMS or Email and you can also set it to post to your Facebook wall. For added security a Pin code can be used and once activated the service cannot be stopped without the pin. Once you have all your information setup, you simply need to set the timer which ranges from 15 minutes to 6 hours and go have fun. If time expires before you stop the app it will automatically send out an SOS of sorts through your specified channels or if you feel the need you hit the SOS button and instantly send out a notice to your emergency contacts.


The Guard My Angel app works great and is a must-have app if you travel through or visit a lot of “suspect” locations. The app has some great features and while the best defense against going to dangerous places is not to go, if you must go the Guard My Angel app would be handy to have. The app itself is free, but there are some upgrades that can be had through a points system of sorts. Overall, Guard My Angel seems like a great app and you can try it out for in the Android market.