New Verizon Galaxy S3 Update VRBMD3 is Live

galaxy.s3Verizon is one of the best carriers out there when it comes to reliability and customer service, but when it comes to pushing out updates they are Screenshot_2013-05-29-12-36-09the worst. If you have a Samsung Galaxy S3 through Verizon, today’s your lucky day as they have finally put out the Verizon Galaxy S3 update that a lot of us have been waiting for… The Verizon Galaxy S3 update brings your phone up to build VRBMD3, and it’s also bringing along a slew of new features including multi-window & multi-screen for better multitasking, S Beam Share Shot, Smart Switch, Page Buddy, and Contextual Tags. There are a lot of tweaks as well including increased Hotspot stability, easier NFC, and you’ll now be able to get to the home screen without going through the unlock screen when you’ve got a Bluetooth headset connected. The Verizon Galaxy S3 update should be rolling out as you are reading this – I own the Verizon S3 and have already snagged the update. It comes in at around 130megs, and the whole download/install process took around 3-4 minutes on my end. It’s nice to see Verizon finally showing S3 users some love, and you can find out about all the changes straight from horses mouth at this link. If you’re ready to get the update, just go to settings-system-about phone-software update and get your update on.verizon.s3

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