Nexus 4 made more awesome by a Simple Hack

The guys over at XDA are at it again. Those wonderful and astonishing tech tinkerers constantly conjure amazing hacks and mod for all us common folks to use and enjoy. This time around they cooked up a simple yet awesome hack in their Android kitchen, making the much beloved Nexus 4 more beloved. The said hack or mod if you would like to call it is able to increase the video shooting capabilities of Google’s phone more powerful. For you to achieve the target results, you will need a rooted Nexus 4 along with the unlocked bootloader. A strong file manager application with the free access to your system partition is also a main ingredient. Very basic XML edition will also be required of you, which to be honest is very easy. After you are done with the tinkering yourself you’d have a Nexus 4 which will be able to capture videos at 20mbps. A long shot from the 12mbps the smartphone is able to shoot at default settings. Your camera will have less noise and artifacts than the default video capturing settings. There is a downside to this little mod though; your videos will look more beautiful at the expanse of more memory. And we all know that the Nexus 4 lacks serious storage options so if your phone is already full to the brim consider sticking with the default settings. If you want to give it a shot just hit the link below for the full instructions. You do need to keep in mind that playing with your ROM or fiddling with mods is always risky though, so be sure to back up your stock ROM and data before you indulge in tech wizardry. Now go make some indie short movie for us!


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