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Nexus 4 reportedly headed to Japan

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Sony Xperia Z vs Google Nexus 4 aa (10)

Now that we’re hearing murmurs of a white Nexus 4 coming soon, it seems the device as we know it is about to hit a new market. A product page for the Nexus 4 appeared briefly on the Japanese Play Store, hopefully hinting that Japan is soon to have the ability to purchase Google’s flagship phone.

If the device is coming to Japan, and is a straight port, it should work with all major carriers. The carrier bandwidth in Japan is covered in the Nexus 4 specs currently on offer, and there is no reason to suspect they changed to suit Japan.

According to the report, the device has already passed “technical conformity” for the Japanese market. It’s good to see Japan getting the Nexus 4, too. The Nexus 4 is a great device at an even better price. There is no word on the white version hitting the Japanese market, but we’ll report back should we hear anything.

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Via: Android Authority