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Nexus 7 Part 2 Looking to Make an Appearance in July

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Nexus7a It has been reported by Reuters that Google is aiming to start selling their second generation Nexus 7  tablet in July. AsusTek retains the production rights to the second Google Nexus 7  so we can look forward to a solid and reliable construction. There has been a change in the lineup however; The Nvidia Tegra chip has been sidelined in favor of the new Qualcomm Snapdragon.  With expectations of moving 8 million units at a price of $199, Google intends to take an aggressive stance in the low-end tablet market with the introduction of their second Nexus 7. The $199 price tag will put the second Nexus 7 in direct competition with Amazons Kindle, Apple’s iPad Mini, and other similarly priced tablet products. A Google employee poses with Nexus 7 tablets at a promotional event in Seoul The new Nexus 7 will have a thinner bezel and higher resolution. These changes are reported to be due to the optimum performance ratio and battery consumption of the new Qualcomm Snapdragon. The Qualcomm Snapdragon was selected over the Nvidia Tegra after Google did a side by side size up. The Snapdragon was picked because of its overall power usage.  Nvidia’s loss of this bout for tablet chip supremacy is only the first of many battles to be fought as companies aggressively move from the cell phone and laptop markets to stake a claim in the tablet frontier lands. The prices have not been finalized for the Nexus 7  but the number that seems to be floating towards the top is $199. It has also been speculated that the current iteration of the Nexus 7 will have its price dropped to $149.  Google makes the majority of its money through advertising so it makes sense that they would essentially want to flood the market with their mobile devices in order to bring more ads to more people. It also makes sense that in order to streamline this package and increase its “must have” value; Google would include its new Android version Keylime Pie. Thinner Bezel, higher resolution, new Snapdragon chip, $199, and possibly keylime pie are five reasons to keep your eyes on Google in July. Source- reuters