Are you a huge NFL fan and Android device owner? Well, I guess you’ve probably learned that the NFL ’11 Android app has just been updated and now fully supports and scales beautifully for Android Honeycomb tablet. Yes folks, the update was pushed to the Android Market a couple of days ago and the app is available now as a free download. The app’s description on the Android Market doesn’t even have to be lengthy to convince you in getting this app because you’ve probably have downloaded it already. But in case, you haven’t – here’s what you should expect from this Android app:

  •  Watch on-demand NFL Network news and info
  • Filter your favorite team’s news
  • Follow game action with our drive chart and stats
  • Tap on team logos to see rosters, team stats, and player info
  • Drive-by-drive plays
  • Fantasy Football tracking stats
Aside from the dearth of information that this Android app will provide, the best thing about as I mentioned, is the fact that it scales beautifully on a 10-inch Android tablet. I downloaded it on my Galaxy Tab 10.1 and indeed, it looks great. My only gripe about this app is that the videos don’t scale up well. But I’m not really sure whether it is just my crappy broadband connection at home. So, please check it out and leave a comment if you find the video too crappy as well.
Not minding this flaw at all and you’re just in for solid information about the NFL 2011 provided to you in excellent interface and layout, NFL ’11 is a great app to have on your Android Honeycomb tablet.

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