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Night of the Living Dead Defense now available for Android

by On

Fans of the popular Tower Defense games from the GRave Defense series have reason to rejoice as we just got a new TD game in the form of Night of the Living Dead Defense. If you hadn’t guessed this is a take on the Romero classic, and Art of Bytes along with SGN Android have put out a game that’s going to drive you nuts as you’ll already know if you’ve played the previous GRave games… If you’ve ever played a Tower Defense game, you’ll have no trouble getting down to business with this one. The gameplay is similar to their other TD games, but there seems to have been a few tweaks to the gameplay with some new features like…

  • Tactical pause mode
  • Multi-screen levels
  • Visible Monster paths
  • New Military ranks
  • Visible Gunner states & cooldowns
  • Animated briefings

While I haven’t had time to check out Night of the Living Dead defense yet, it looks to be a very cool Tower Defense game. If you’re familiar with the GRave Defense games you’ll have a good idea of what you’re in for, and if you’ve never played one of AOB’s games prepare yourself for some fun. The GRave series are some of the toughest TD games out there, but they are also a blast to play. You can pick up Night of The Living Dead defense in the Android or Amazon markets for $0.99.