One of the most popular running app for iPhone users, Nike+ Running app is also now available for Android phones. In case you haven’t heard of this app before, well it connects seamlessly to and allows you to track, share and compare your running stats from anywhere, anytime. Nike+ Running App fro Android also features a smooth, intuitive, user interface, tailored and optimized for Android. The app also has in-run navigation which is seamless and simple and lets you easily check key run stats, see in-progress GPS maps, change songs and get audio feedback without needing to stop from running. The app also has this nice feature called “Next Moves” which you can see from the app’s home screen. This gives you suggested challenges on what you should do next as you run. There’s also a dynamic goal progress bar which will keep you motivated and track goals you’ve set up on your account. For those who are into social sharing, the app integrates Facebook and Twitter.

The Nike+ Running App  for Android is available for free on Google Play.

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