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Noctua Software releases Voxel Invaders for Android

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Voxel Invaders is a new Android game from Noctua Software that puts you to work ridding the universe from hordes of alien fighters. It’s got the feel of the classic game Space Invaders while still managing to keep things fun & fresh.   Voxel Invaders is a great 1-finger game which means you can control your ship and fire with just one finger. Playing the game is as easy, but getting past the waves of attackers becomes much harder as you progress through the games 24 levels with over 140 stages. Voxel Invaders has several modes of difficulty, 9 different weapons, and several different alien bosses to battle. Basically your standard stuff, but what isn’t standard are the ‘retro 3D graphics’ which isn’t a term you’ll hear very often. That’s the best phrase I can put on the style of the game, and you’ll quickly see what I mean when you pick it up and start playing.  


Voxel Invaders is a great little space shooter that’s easy to pick up and play, but hard to put down once you get going. There’s plenty of depth in the 140 stages, and there’s even a few surprises along the way as well. One power-up in particular got my attention pretty quickly as changes your view of things right in the thick of battle… very cool. There’s a free version of Voxel Invaders that lets you check out the first 4 levels while the full version of Voxel Invaders gives you the whole shebang for only $2.49.