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Nokia is not shaking hands with Android- Or is it?

by On

android nokiaLast week a job listing from Nokia sparked some rumors. The said rumors pointed towards a possibility of an Android device manufactured by Nokia. The posting which is now conspicuously removed was titled “Principal Software Engineer, Embedded Linux Middleware at Nokia”. Embedded Linux Middleware, for those who don’t speck tech is almost a synonym of Android in the smartphone world. As keen eyed (and eared) readers might know, Nokia is best friends with Microsoft right now. Releasing numerous Windows OS phones recently, one can say Nokia is quite “intimate” with MS these days. Even though making a deal with the Microsoft’s arch rival might damage the company’s bond, the allure of making profits off the Android market is potent. As much as we would have liked a Nokia phone running Android, Nokia is not looking forward to that kind of “friendship”. Earlier today the Finnish company’s head of Media Relations, Doug Dawson took to twitter. Mr. Dawson eliminating the hot rumors stated that the company was only looking to extend the user base of its app “Nokia Here”. ‘Hi. Our recently posted job is linked to our HERE Maps support for other platforms, including iOS and Android. Nothing more.’ As Microsoft is paying a lot of revenue to run its Windows Phone platform, the news would have been heartbreaking. So Nokia is definitely not going to jump the ship and join the ever growing battalion of Androids. Good news for Microsoft then but bad news for anyone looking for an “Android Pureview phone”. Another rumor bites the digital dust.