block3-androidNoodlecake Studios has put out some killer mobile games like the universally loved Super Stickman Golf 2, but they also publish and have brought some great titles to Android. The latest is a puzzle game with a funny name – Block Block Block or Block x3 if you prefer. blockx3 We’ve covered several abstract puzzlers lately, and a few of them have used shapes as their weapon of choice. As the name implies, Block Block Block uses Blocks with the simple premise that you only need to get 3 blocks of the same color in a row to move along. Things start out easy enough, but soon you’ll encounter static blocks and different colored blocks. Block x3 doesn’t have a lot of fancy extras, but it does have over 200 puzzles with more listed as coming soon. Block Block Block is a stylish little puzzler that will keep you busy for quite some time. There are plenty of puzzles and the interface is definitely easy on the eyes. The game is free, but it’s ad-supported although those can be removed via an in-app purchase of $1.99. If you like your puzzle games to have a bit of style you’ll want to give Weegrass Interactive’s Block X3 a go.

Block Block Block

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