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Nuns vs. Zombies in Twin Blades for Android

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Twin.Blades-AndroidWe see our share of shooters here at Android-Apps, and there’s usually a few new ones released every day. Twin Blades is the latest shooter to get our attention with its manga style and medieval setting – it also involves a zombie killing nun which is something you don’t see every day. twin.blades-1Twin Blades puts you in the shoes of a nun with a knack for killing zombies. The nun goes by the name of Sister Angelika, and she’s pretty handy with a blade and a gun. You’ll need her skills and some fast fingers to take out hordes of zombies as you attempt to hack and shoot your way through 10 different types of environments. There are two modes of play in Twin Blades with Story and Survival modes. There’s also a shop that lets you buy new weapons and upgrades with hearts including fun weapons like the Explosive Gun and Holy Beam. You’ll want to be careful how you spend your hearts though as Anglika has some upgrades you’ll want to pick up. twin.blades-2Twin Blades has been out for a while on iOS, and while I’m glad to see it come to Android it’s a little rough around the edges in spots. My main gripes were with the controls and graphics, and while I won’t go in-depth, I will say that it would be nice to not jump when you’re trying to walk. Twin Blades is still worth a look if you dig zombies, and you can pick it up for $2.99 if you want to give it a shot.

Twin Blades