NVIDIA announces Tegra 4 a powerful demon

NVIDIA is looking to sweep the show this year around with its exciting and intriguing announcements at CES 2013. NVIDIA took the stage and quite frankly it droned on a little until we saw the company reveal its latest mobile chip, the Tegra 4. The latest chip issued the dawn of a new generation of mobile processing and quite frankly is a giant leap in the forward direction. NVIDIA Tegra 4 is seriously running circles around the current mobile processors with its high capabilities of graphical processing as well as its power efficiency. The Tegra 4 houses an astounding 72 custom GPU cores, which makes the latest chip around six times faster than the current Tegra 3 chips. NVIDIA is claiming that this is a record setting chip which will break all previous ones with its performance and low strain on battery life. NVIDIA is saying that the users can ramp up the browsing speeds by 2.6 times and get more out of their apps with stellar performance. Watching 15 hours of HD videos on your mobile devices can now be achieved with Tegra 4. The Tegra 4 chip manages to give all that and still be power efficient by running a low power setting during the normal usage and PRISM 2 display tech which minimizes the backlighting while still outputting high definition images. The latest chip can even handle 4K UHD (ultrahigh definition) graphics too. The quad core Cortex A15 will play a vital role in all of this, providing LTE connectivity and HRD photography as standard. There is no information as when we will be able to get our hands on Tegra 4 powered smartphones and tablets though. But we suspect that the new devices will surely began to roll out from mid of is this year. We cannot wait to get our hands on graphically superior smartphones with the ability to impress while remaining power efficient.  

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