NVIDIA Receives Validation For Its Icera Modem Chipset, Aims to Combine LTE with Tegra 3

Earlier today, NVIDIA revealed to the public that is has received official AT&T validation for its NVIDIA Icera 410 LTE multimode data modem chipset, which can operate inside tablets and clamshell devices.  American smartphone consumers are all too familiar with the fact that quad-core processors capable of handling LTE is not yet a reality.  As a result, multiple carriers are sticking with dual-core processors that can use LTE instead of quad-core processors and sticking to HSPA+ or 3G. In any event, NVIDIA’s Icera modem has been approved for LTE support on AT&T’s network meaning we should see NVIDIA bust out some cool processors using LTE for AT&T in the near future.  The Icera modem also has support for HSPA+, 3G, and 2G in case there is no LTE support in a location.

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