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Nvidia SHIELD is headed your way in June

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shield.androidIf you’re in to Android Gaming, today is a good day. Nvidia has finally released some info on SHIELD, the product formerly known as Project Shield. The new gaming device is headed your way in June, and it’s dropping in what’s shaping up to be the best month for gamers in recent history. Nvidia SHIELD may have received a bit of a name change, but the specs haven’t changed as you’re still going to get a Tegra 4 processor to go along with 2GB or RAM, and 16GB of storage space. The display remains the same as well coming in at 5-inches with a 1280×720 IPS display. All that’s hooked into the sexy little controller you see above, and it’s going to set you back $349. The SHIELD will be available in June, and pre-orders are opening up on May 20th which is right around the corner. Playing games from the Play Store and TegraZone is cool and all, but the Steam functionality is what a lot of us want to see in action. GeForce game streaming will launch as a beta feature and it will allow you to stream your Steam games from your GeForce powered PC to your Nvidia SHIELD. It remains to be seen how many games will be supported, but being able to play Steam games on a portable device is going to get some attention. Especially considering we haven’t heard much about the actual Steam Box lately. We knew that SHIELD was coming out soon, but any true gamer knows what June is “the month” for gamers with the awesomeness known as E3. I’m sure Nvidia SHIELD will make an appearance, but I’m not sure how much of an impact it will make considering all the hype around the Ps4 and Xbox Infinity. Price may also be an issue when you take OUYA into account, and the Vita which is cheaper than SHIELD. There will definitely be a lot of options out there this summer, and it will be interesting to see which devices games flock to. Source – Nvidia