NVIDIA Tegra Tab 7 Tablet Makes Appearance in Antutu Benchmark

NVIDIA Tegra Tab 7

Once again, the well known Antutu benchmark reveals intimate details about the  NVIDIA Tegra Tab 7, the latest tablet rumored to be  manufactured in complete secrecy by the Santa Clara based company.

Nvidia never mentioned anything officially about the Tegra Tab 7, yet, according to what we’ve seen today, the Tab 7 is as real as it gets. The rumor mill has it that Nvidia is working frantically on a 7 inches wide tablet, which will be named, possibly, the Tegra Tab 7; this rumor is actually an educated guess,  based on the fact that Nvidia already patented the name, so the “Tegra Tab 7” is Nvidia’s trademark.

The NVIDIA Tegra Tab 7 will be manufactured by China based Shenzen Homecare Technology company, and the leaked information from Antutu proves that a device named Tegra Tab 7 Premium is already in beta testing in China.

NVIDIA Tegra Tab 7


As you can see from the screen-shot, the NVIDIA Tegra Tab 7 is running on Android 4.2.2 OS and features a 1810 MHz chip, most probably Nvidia’s own Tegra 4 processor. Also, the Tab 7 scored a pretty cool score of 27 643 points in Antutu’s benchmark. Yet, if we compare this result to the one from the Shield console, it’s significantly lower, so Nvidia must work harder if they want to impress us.

The NVIDIA Tegra Tab 7 will feature a 7 inches wide display with a 1280 x 736 pixels resolution and  a 5 megapixels camera; as per connectivity options, it is said that it will come with a micro USB and a micro HDMI port, also it will offer stylus support.

Thing is, we don’t have an official launching date from Nvidia, and there is always the possibility that the Antutu test I just told you about is a fake, so we must take this “leaked” info at face value.



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