Want to join the Occupy Wall Street movement? Well, now you can in the Occupy Wall Street game for Android. Occupy Wall Street let’s you take out your frustration against the bankers in a comical way without having to leave your house or go to jail. I thought the game sounded like a good idea when I found it while searching for wall street apps, but I wasn’t so sure once I started playing it… Occupy Wall Street is basically a Whac-A-Mole game set on Wall Street, but instead of whacking moles you’re going to whack the evil bankers. It’s also a pretty straightforward game where you’ll try and crack as many bankers as possible within 2 minutes. The bankers come every 20 seconds in waves, randomly popping up behind cars, and they pop up quicker as time ticks down. Your total score is calculated by how much cash you earn by whacking bankers; the quicker you hit them the more cash you get. All the bankers you see are fair game, but you’ll want to watch out for protestors as you’ll lose cash if you crack them. While the Occupy Wall Street is a great idea, its a poorly executed one at this stage.  I liked the premise, the graphics and the speed that the bankers pop-up at is more than enough to be challenging. That being said, the controls need to be adjusted as it did miss several taps within the 2 minutes, and the game didn’t fill out my screen leaving a black border around the bottom edge. If the developers fix those issues, and throw in a few extras Occupy Wall Street would be a nice little time-killer; until then it’s just going to be viewed as a rushed gimmicky game. If you want to check it out, you can grab it in the Android market for free. Occupy Wall Street

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