Odin Mobile, the first mobile network for the visually impaired

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Odin Mobile will be the first mobile network with services tailored to the needs of the visually impaired, including dedicated handsets, plans and customer service experience.

An MVNO (mobile virtual network operator), Odin Mobile will use the T-Mobile network to provide its services, and the company promises to improve wireless accessibility for the visually impaired. First of all, it will offer its customers handsets that are easier to operate including the Huawei RAY Android smartphone, a device that’s designed specially for such users.

The handset is already available on Amazon.com for $550 and offers some useful features, including an interface that allows making a selection, no matter where on the screen you press. It also reads the names of callers, and offers money and color recognition, as well as an easy to use GPS feature.The device is listed for $299 on the Odin Mobile website (presumably with a plan, as orders are not taken yet).

The operator’s range of products also includes two devices from Emporia, a manufacturer known for its devices made for senior citizens. I’m pretty sure that, if the Braille smartphone we were talking about not long ago will come out as planned, by the end of the year, it will find its way to the operator.

Plans and customer support

Most importantly, Odin Mobile promises to have excellent customer support, as well as a fully non-visual accessible website. You can already check the coverage on its website, and make up your mind about a plan, too. The plans on offer are for 30 days, and go from $10, for 150 minutes and 150 texts, to $45 for 4000 minutes and the same amount of texts.

Finally, two percent of the revenue Odin Mobile makes from its voice and text services will be donated to organizations which serve the needs of the visually impaired.

Odin Mobile Announces the First Mobile Service Dedicated to the Blind and Persons with Low Vision

WASHINGTON DC – June 4, 2013 – Odin Mobile, a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) on the T-Mobile network, today announced the country’s first mobile service designed for the sole purpose of improving wireless accessibility for the visually impaired.

Beginning in July, Odin Mobile will offer comprehensive cell phone service for the visually impaired, including innovative accessible handsets, rate plans for every budget, as well as a unique customer service experience designed to address the needs of its customers. This unique experience will include sending user guides to each of its customers via email in Word and HTML formats and providing customer support that is expert in the accessibility features of its phones.

“Everyone should be able to experience all of the wonderful things that go along with mobile technology, and we’re thrilled to see Odin Mobile stepping up in this way to help make sure that they can,” said Doug Chartier, senior vice president of …read more

Via: Android Authority

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