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Office 2013 for Android on the way?

by On

There are a plethora of office applications available for use on Android devices, some are good and some are entirely avoidable. The availability of such Android apps makes working ‘on the go’ a possibility and in some cases a pleasurable experience for many users. However, since the dawn of the Android platform , there has been a continued call for an official Microsoft Office product to be released as an Android application – a call that Microsoft have thus far blanked and have basically refused to bring a mobile version of their office suite to Android or iOS. Until now it seems. Whether or not Microsoft Office is actually coming to Android is still in it’s speculative stage however, over the past couple of days there have been signs that access to Word, PowerPoint and Excel via a Microsoft app for users of smartphones and tablets could be on the way. First of all, The Verge accessed a press release in which Czech product manager for Microsoft Petr Bobek actually confirmed that Microsoft were to release their own official apps onto the Android platform from around March next year. The new iteration of the full version of Microsoft Office – Office 2013, is due for release in December to business customers and then will face a general release in February of 2013. Mr Bobek continued in his press release statement after announcing the release dates of the full version of Office 2013 to state that the mobile version would be released in March. However, since then Microsoft corporate communications manager Frank Shaw has taken to Twitter to deny these claims, himself stating that “The information shared by our Czech Republic subsidiary is not accurate. We have nothing further to share.”, presumably a statement direct from Microsoft although, this statement came from Mr Shaws own Twitter account. Only time will tell whether Office 2013 will actually arrive on the Android platform. It seems like Microsoft could be missing out on taking their Office software into an exciting new market if they don’t join with the likes of Android and iOS at some point and there are bound to be many disappointed Office users out there if Microsoft refuse to hop on to the mobile apps band wagon soon.