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Official Samsung Galaxy Nexus Verizon Wireless Press Images Surface

by On

At this point, nearly everything is known about the Samsung Galaxy Nexus except for two critical pieces of information: pricing and availability.  The latest rumors still suggest a December 8th launch at a $199 price point on a two year contract.  Samsung confirmed it would launch sometime in December, but given how we strongly thought it would launch in November, I would say December is even tentative. The $199 price tag comes as a surprise to most since Verizon Wireless typically prices their high end 4G LTE smartphones at $250 or $300, so a move towards $199 on a high end 4G LTE phone is welcomed. In any case, a few press images of the Galaxy Nexus on Verizon were recovered from Verizon’s website through .xml code.   The pictures don’t really reveal any new information, except for the fact that the Google brand seems to be missing from the phone.  On the back of the device is Verizon and the 4G LTE logo, as you can see by the images above. Hopefully Verizon moves forward and announces the pricing and availability information because the customers aren’t going to be waiting around indefinitely for the Galaxy Nexus.