Official Star Trek Into Darkness app now available on Google Play as Star Trek App

star trek android app Just in time for the upcoming movie, the Star Trek Into Darkness app has just been released on Google Play. Named simply as Star Trek app, the new Android app lets you experience Star Trek Into Darkness. It’s not really a full game or app, but a special app that lets you sort of discover cool stuff related to the upcoming movie. You might even stand a chance to rise in ranks, unlock exclusive content as well as win cool prizes. Star Trek Android app will let you take part in scavenger hunt missions including finding Star Trek content in real world by photographing outdoor billboard or using sound recognition technology while you’re watching the movie’s latest trailer. And as you complete missions, you’ll be able to gain access to all exclusive materials, videos and content related to the movie – way ahead of other fans who don’t have an Android device. Isn’t that cool, especially if you’re a die-hard Star Trek fan? As an Android app, Star Trek app is pretty well made as well. It uses the latest technologies such as Qualcomm Lab’s Gimbal platform and Qualcom Vuforia augemented reality platform. Other features of Star Trek Android app include:

  • Highlights of the “STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS” app include:
  • A geofencing function for location-based experiences such as encouraging viewers to go to the movies;
  • An audio scan function that can be turned on to automatically recognize and reward users for watching “STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS” content on TV and other media;
  • An image scan function that enables users to interact with images printed or viewable in the real world;
  • New “STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS” content, such as videos, images and wallpapers delivered directly to users’ mobile devices;
  • Exclusive opportunities and special offers only available to app users.
star trek android app screen 1

Star Trek Android app is available now as a free download from Google Play. It seems like that the app is currently available in the U.S. in some other countries only. The good news is that it will run on devices with Android 2.3 OS and later. Star Trek App

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