Twist n’ Catch is a new puzzle game from Okugi Studio that puts you to work helping the explorer Emmet Black bring back treasures he discovers on his many adventures. Your monkey Sergeant Cookie will help you out a bit by lowering you into tombs by rope, but it’s up to you to twist your way to freedom while grabbing the treasure.

As each level starts you’ll be lowered into a pit by a rope and you’ll need to snag the treasure while avoiding the many traps and obstacles put in your way. You can swing by tilting your phone left or right, and you’ll be pulled back up by touch/holding the screen. There is a timer on every level and as soon as that timer hits Zero the traps are sprung and you’ve got to get out of the hole as quick as you can. You really have to be careful as the levels progress; it’s very easy to get your rope hung around a block and if that happens while the spikes are active your toast. There are a lot of levels and quite a few locations in Twist n’ Catch as well with around 120 levels in the full version and three different universes.


I gave Twist n’ Catch Lite a run-through this morning and while I’ve only played the first 10 levels or so it’s been a blast thus far. It’s actually a pretty challenging game as well; after the first few levels grabbing the jewels on the first try became much more difficult. If you’re looking to try a new puzzle game that has a killer “twist” head on over to the market and check out Twist n’ Catch. You can pick up the lite version with around 20 levels for free or grab the full version with 120 levels for $1.06.

Twist n’ Catch Lite

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