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On-demand apps are on the rise helping users to satisfy their unique needs instantly. In addition to on-demand laundry, food delivery services, car rental and taxi services, there are more eclectic apps emerging as well catering to niche industries. Thanks to this technology, businesses of all types are inspired to broaden their horizons and think of special, customized ways they can engage with their target market. For those worried that their burgeoning business app idea might be too quirky or strange to get off the ground, bear in mind that users are always on the hunt for what’s fresh and inventive; to ensure feasibility, simply partner with a strong developer who can guide you through the process.

If you’re a tattoo and piercing parlour for example, you could commission an app that provides prospective customers with virtual tattoo and piercing previews. Thanks to new developments in VR and AR technology, you’ll be able to present them with an image of how a tattoo idea would look on their body, taking into account their unique measurements. This can inspire regular customers to get creative and artistic with their ideas without taking the same risk, and new clients with a little more security and assurance as they venture towards getting their first piece done.

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Many food and beverage related companies can boost user engagement too by introducing an intelligent cooking app. A service that delivers grocery boxes to people’s homes might choose to include cooking tutorials that accompany pre-designed orders. With a virtual guide in the kitchen, customers would be more inclined to order again because you’d be providing them with more than a product, but the experience that accompanies it.

Technology has become so sophisticated that a travel business could provide its users with language translation tools in real-time, reducing anxiety, promoting confidence, and improving the globe-trotting experience – encouraging tourists to pursue activities and conversations they normally wouldn’t have access to. On-demand apps can on the other hand also improve local experiences; recently Bunz came out with an app helping users connect to people trading items in their neighborhood, supporting their mission to make an alternate bartering economy more democratic and accessible.

ondemand apps

When you get your app developed professionally – whatever the niche – you should seek out an experienced developer comfortable designing both for Android and iOS – especially if you’re looking to utilize up-and-coming technologies like wearable tech, AR or VR. It’s especially important to work with an experienced iOS developer that knows what they’re doing – due to the particularities of the operating system.  Guarana Technologies is one agency working out of Toronto and Montreal that harnesses this expertise. They further have the resources to take your project from ideation through to design, coding, testing and launch – your one stop shop for all your app creation needs, including maintenance upon release.

Ensure your app idea turns heads and impresses even the most tech-savvy of users, not only meeting their needs instantaneously, but doing so in an innovative way. Users are more likely to stay engaged when your app incorporates what is trendy, providing them with an experience other enterprises cannot; you’ll then become who they’ll award their business to given the choice.

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