For Android enthusiasts, the term “DROID” has become synonymous for the Android offerings on the Verizon network. However, the term “Galaxy S” has become another household name meaning high-end Android smartphones available on all four major carriers. The Galaxy S launch in the United States was predicted to be a success, and Samsung has recently confirmed that with a press release on the latest figures. In a modest 45 days, Samsung has managed to ship over a million units of the popular Galaxy S phone. Even though all four carriers have plans to launch their own variant, only T-Mobile USA and AT&T have already launched the device. Therefore, one million units shipped represents the amount of units T-Mobile and AT&T have managed to ship, not taking into consideration Sprint or Verizon Wireless. With Sprint gearing up to launch its powerful Samsung Epic 4G tomorrow, and Verizon Wireless to launch the Samsung Fascinate just around the corner, we can only imagine how popular the Galaxy S is about to come. Having used the Samsung Vibrant and the Samsung Epic 4G myself, I am not surprised by how many devices have already shipped; because at the core, the Samsung Galaxy S smartphone is a very capable smartphone and will only improve after the impending Froyo update.

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