Opera for Android version 15 now available for download from Google Play

Opera for Android

If you are among the many people who use Opera as your preferred mobile Web browser for Android, then we’ve got some great news for you. Today, Opera announced the release of Opera for Android version 15, only a few weeks after the earlier release of its predecessor, Opera for Android version 14. This new version of the Web browser offers several new features and fixes, not to mention Chromium 28 running quietly under the hood.

Opera 15 is billed as the “best all-in-one app for Android” on its Google Play Store page, and its makers recommend its use on all devices that can support it (otherwise, Opera Mini is the suggested alternative). So what exactly does Opera 15 bring to the table?

According to the official announcement, Opera 15 comes with faster startup-time, improved app animations, updated translations, a better cookie-cleaning mechanism, and overall improvements and bug fixes to fullscreen Web pages. There’s much more to it, of course. Essentially, it’s a more efficient version of everything else that came before it.

Opera 15 also has a couple of standout features. Firstly, there is now a new “open in private tab” option available in the context menu. And secondly, users may now take advantage of the new donwload manager, which gives more control over the download process — particularly in specifying where downloads are saved. An option to easily download video files that are supported by Opera is now available as well.

As always, Opera 15 is available as a free download to all Android users, and it even has a small apk file now as part of the latest batch of improvements. If you’re thinking of trying it out for yourself, check it out via the Play Store link below.

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