Last week, Opera announced its new Opera Mini 5.1 browser for other phones including the iPhone. Today, Opera has made its new Opera Mini 5.1 browser available through the Android Market and ready for download. One of the main features of the latest Opera browser is the fact that you can now set it as your phone’s default browser. In the past versions of Opera Mini, it wasn’t possible to make it the default browser which was annoying for users. In addition, page layout rendering has been improved for 5.1 in order to work better with devices with larger screens and higher resolutions. Now, if you do not have an unlimited data plan, then watching your data usage becomes extremely important. Fortunately, Opera Mini 5.1 will compress all web data before transferring it to your phone. In fact, the newest Opera browser can compress web data up to 90%, which is great for people who have limited data. Here is what Lars Boilesen, CEO of Opera Software, has to say about their latest browser:

“Opera Mini 5.1 for the Android platform is the next step in bringing the world’s most popular mobile web browser to all major platforms, offering improved performance and great web experience to almost any handset. Opera Mini is used by over 61 million people on more than 3000 handset models and with today’s release Opera continues its mission to provide the best web experience on any device and on any platform.”

The browser is officially ready for download across all Android smartphones starting today. Simply access the Android Market app and search for Opera, or point your web browser to

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