Third-party mobile browsers are getting some spike lately, thanks to the release of Skyfire for iOS devices. The release was such a big hit that in a few hours, the Skyfire folks has to pull out their app from the App Store due to server problems. But that’s for iOS devies. For Android, the third party mobile browser niche is not really getting crowded, especially since Android phones fully support Flash video. But that is not to say that the mobile browser space for Android is not as exciting as iOS devices. In fact, it is. There are several third-party Android web browsers in the likes of Dolphin browser, Firefox Mobile beta, Opera Mini and Opera Mobile browser. Speaking of Opera Mobile, this Android browser will pretty soon have the 10.1 version. How soon? As in November 9 soon. So, what should we expect from Opera Mobile 10.1? According to Intomobile, here are few things that Opera Mobile 10.1 is bringing into the party:

  • fast mobile web browsing through Presto rendering engine
  • use of Turbo compression technology which reduces bandwith by as much as 80%
  • some desktop features such as Speed Dial, Opera Link, and Password Manager
  • Pinch-to-zoom features, geolocation

So there. Something to look forward to next week folks.

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