Opera Mobile Coming Soon to Android

How many more browsers do we need for Android phones? Just recently, Firefox 4 Beta made its way to the Android Market. It was quite good. And there are many others like Xscope, Dolphin Browser and more. Do we need another Android browser? Well, for the Opera folks it seems that the Opera Mini is not enough so they are soon launching the Opera Mobile for Android. In case you’re wondering what’s the difference between Opera Mini and Opera Mobile – simple, Opera Mobile is more robust and works almost the same as the Opera Desktop browser. So soon, we will get to experience that on our Android phones. Opera just announced the coming of Opera Mobile. As to when? Most likely in a month’s time. Two new features that will possibly make the Opera Mobile stand-out, ¬†pinch-to-zoom and hardware acceleration. Hardware acceleration means that Opera Mobile will work at lightning speed. Page navigation will be a lot faster, and the mobile browser’s user interface will be great. Opera Mobile will fully utilize the power of Android phones. Pinch-to-zoom is of course the ability to zoom-in and out of viewed pages with the pinch gesture. With this feature, you can choose your own level of zoom, just like how it does with Opera Desktop. In addition, Opera Mobile will now be rendering text at per character level and zooming in on text will now be more fluid from page-width down to the text you want to highlight. So there. Are we excited about the Opera Mobile Android app, or not?

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