Opera Software ASA have updated their popular Opera Mini browser on Android to version 7.5. On the Google Play Store, Opera have both the long standing Opera Mini and Opera Mobile browser as Android apps but, for the meantime, only the Opera Mini browser has been updated. The latest update brings the Opera Mini Android app to version 7.5 and with it comes “Smart Page”. With Smart Page you can quickly see what is happening within your social media network from the “social tab” which shows Facebook and Twitter updates, as well as personalized news updates under the news section. The Opera Mini browser uses an algorithm based on your browsing habits to bring you your personalized news updates and headlines. Also included is suggested links which is based off of your current location. Basically, with Smart Page you get a “birds-eye view of what’s happening”. Opera have also kept the same old favourite features, such as Speed Dial. With Speed Dial it stores shortcuts and opens them in new tabs when selected. Likewise, Opera have kept their Turbo Mode active in the latest Opera Mini update. With Turbo Mode all websites are compressed on Opera’s servers which means pages load quicker and for those on a capped data plan also means less data is used. Opera are very confident about this particular feature and claim that it can save users up to 90 percent off their bill if they are on a pay per megabyte plan. Opera Mini is available to download for free and version 7.5 is available to download right now.

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