Orange Pixel releases Gunslugs for Android

Orange Pixel has put out some great retro Android games over the years, and the hits just keep coming. Their latest effort goes by the name of Gunslugs, and if 2D platformers are your thing it’s a game you’ll want to check out.Gunslugs Android

Gunslugs is a retro platform game that puts you up against the evil Black Duck Army. While we don’t know what they’re up to (it’s never good) your journey starts out in a plane yard and takes you through some very treacherous levels. After you complete a quick run through boot camp you’re thrown into the fire and I think the word carnage is fitting on what happens next. Pixel enemies are going to come at you on land and through air drops; you can take cover, but you’ll have to be quick. It’s not a game for the slow thinkers by any means, and you can’t run past enemies or they’ll just chase you down.  Gunslugs is going to throw a slew of stuff at you like tanks, rain, voodoo priests, tanks, secret levels, wizards, and big bad hell worms. Interested yet? If you’ve played any of Orange Pixel’s previous titles you already know what to expect from Gunslugs, and if you’re new to their games and dig platformers you’re in for a treat. It’s organized chaos at its finest, and it’s boatloads of fun. There’s a free version of Orange Pixel’s Gunslugs you can check out, and the full version sans ads will only set you back $2.64.


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