Orangepixels INC now available for all Android devices


Here at we love all things Retro, and Orangepixel is one of our favorite developers in the area of Retro Games. A few weeks back they released a cool new game called INC for Xperia Play, and now that the period of exclusivity is over we can all enjoy INC’s’ Retroey goodness. INC is a comic-book styled arcade game set in the year 2135 where the world is ruled by corporations, and humans are being replaced by robots & machines. You’ll battle your way through 4 worlds and 40 gorgeous levels as you try to activate boosters and save Dr. Robotus. INC features…

·         Four worlds with 10 action packed levels per world

·         End-of-World bosses

·         Cool cut-scenes & animations

·         Unique comic book style graphics

·         Thumping retro soundtrack made with real ZX Spectrum samples

If you’re a fan of Orangpixels games, you’ll definitely dig INC as it’s one of their finest works to date. Just like their previous games this one can be quite difficult, and can be completed in multiple ways depending on how hardcore you are. They have the star-achievements for each level as well as Openfeint support. Another cool thing is the fact you can play INC with the touchscreen, keyboard, GameGripper, or Wii-mote. INC is a game you should definitely check out if you love Retro games, and you can pick it up in the Android market for $2.75.

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