Original Final Fantasy game comes to Android by way of direct iOS port

After releasing Final Fantasy III a couple of weeks ago, SquareEnix has also release Final Fantasy, the original game for Android. To refresh your memory a bit, Final Fantasy is the first game which started a successful game series that spanned several years. It was 1987 when the original Final Fantasy game was first released. Now, 23 years after, the game has made on Google Play and is currently selling for $6.99. A bit expensive for a game this old? Certainly. And it will probably ¬†take a die-hard Final Fantasy fan to swallow the price tag and grab this game. If you’re one of these fans, well here’s a few things that you need to know. First, the game is not a direct port of the original game. Its graphics was tweaked a bit. Meaning, it’s not really the 8-bit graphics of 23 years ago. The game is a direct port of the iPhone game which was released on the App Store not so long ago.This means that if you own an Android phone with big screen display, expect the game to appear with black borders. When it comes to storyline, which is the trademark of any Final Fantasy game, this game has it intact. So, if you’re a huge Final Fantasy fan, prepare to get nostalgic as you play the classic game on an advanced device such as the Galaxy S3 or Galaxy Note among other Android smartphones available in the market today. Final Fantasy Android game is available now as a free download from Google Play.  

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