Ouya Shipping to Developers on Time

The gaming world most of the time suffers from delays, a lot. And when it comes to small companies thinking big the delays occur more often. So when we got the news of Ouya’s development being right on schedule, we were as much surprised as joyed. The production team happily announced yesterday that their beloved device will be shipping well on time. The consoles will be departing from the factory of 28th of this month and reaching the awaiting customers in few days. Some of you might be thinking, “What is this Ouya thing?” Well Ouya is one of a kind gaming console. Powered by Android internally and by Kickstarter financially, the tiny box shaped console gained popularity earlier this summer. Part of the popularity was due to the $5 Million which the device attracted on Kickstarter. The console will be running Android Jelly Bean (4.1.1) we learned back in November. And the crafty engineers were working on the first run of printed circuit boards; all are the signs of a smooth development phase. As the console is powered by Android, theoretically it will be able to run all the apps and programs a tablet or a smartphone can. Also the company has an impressive lineup of games ready for it. There are two very major reasons to get this nifty console. The first one is that the device is unlocked right out of the gate. The console creator Julie Uhrman said, “Of course, when the final consoles ship, EVERY OUYA will be a dev console”. This means that even a low level developer can tinker with the device and optimize their game. Normal buyers will get a link to Ouya Development Kit web portal, from there they can download the kit if they desire. The other reason for buying Ouya is the price point. The device is going for meager 99 bucks (UK £ 61, AU$95). The low asking price looks ravishing to the people who are low on budget and still want to get the “Android experience”. At this pace of development, it’s apparent that Ouya will arrive right on time. Stay tuned for more updates about this wonderful box of fun. Ouya Console

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