Android Yeah, you got that right, Android is the crowned king when it comes to mobile OS sales in April in the US. Kantar Worldpanel released the latest figures, and according to them, Android is running on 52% of the smart phones sold in the United States in April. It is very interesting to see how things develop in the mobile phone OS market, especially when it comes to Android, my favorite, and if you’re reading this blog, probably yours too. In the first quarter of 2013, Android secured a big chunk in market share, namely 51.7% of the smart phones sold on the US market were running on Android OS. From February until April, Android had no rival, Apple comes second best with 41.4% market share and the third place belongs to Microsoft’s Windows Phone, with an unimpressive 5.6%. One of my ex-lovers, the RIM Company and their BlackBerry OS, is not doing very well, as they are dropping in percentages, with just 5.3% market share in this period. They are performing as pathetic as Nokia’s dead and buried Symbian OS, and that’s sad news folks, I always loved the overpriced smart phones from BlackBerry, let’s hope they get better with the new Q10, as the BlackBerry Z10 failed to impress. Android market share in the US is on a slow rise, but WP and Apple’s iOS are growing even faster. From 2012, Android managed to gain a 1.4% increase in sales figures, while Apple grabbed 2.3% increase and Windows Phone got 1.8% extra. It looks like the loser in this zero sum game is BlackBerry, which starts to look like a sinking ship and that’s a shame folks. Kantar’s figures suggest that Nokia Lumia was the main driving factor in WP sales, as almost a quarter from the new Windows Phone users are former Android aficionados. Google should take a look at that in the future, even if WP is still very far from Android’s market share, but nothing is written in stone when it comes to trends in tech and geeks in the wild. When it comes to carriers, Verizon and AT&T are the top dogs, while T-Mobile seems to lose ground. Source: Kantar Worldpanel    

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