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Pants + American Eagle = Free Phone?

by On

I think I might cry. I mean the idea of a free phone is great but coercing  myself into an American Eagle store is another matter entirely. Anyway, the jist here folks is that you enter American Eagle on July 21st, try not buy a pair of jeans (though they would prefer the latter), and then select from a group of about 40 phones to take home with you. A few of these handsets will be Android phones which means you can pick from a pretty sweet lineup. Nice right? The promotion ends August 3rd so you got some time after it starts to make a choice. After trying on the jeans, you will get a card that tells you where to go and how to redeem it to get your phone. Once ordered, you will be shipped a brand new phone as well as a $25 Money Card courtesy of American Eagle, and bam you have a new phone. Online shoppers will be happy to know that any purchase from their website will get you in on the promotion. The only real catch is that you need to sign a two year contract which is fairly standard now-a-days. The upside is you’ll get to pick your mobile provider of choice, so you won’t be limited to a single company. You will have to rid yourself of your hatred of skinny jeans before heading out but I guess it is not too much to ask for to get a free phone from your carrier of choice.