ParkVu Updates its Music WithMe Android App, Brings in Hi-Fidelity Sync

I remember using Music WithMe Android app when I first got my Android app a few years back. Coming from using an iPhone all my music files were in iTunes so I needed a way to sync them on my Android phone as well. That’s when ParkVu’s Music WithMe Android app came in. It was a pretty good, hassle-free way of making your iTunes music files on your Android device. And just recently, ParkVu has updated its MusicWithMe app, bringing in what the company calls as Hi-Fidelity synching. Actually you can think of the Music WithMe’s hi-fidelity sync as its way of using steroids in synching your music files between your computer and your Android phone. In other words, the synching process becomes almost instantaneously done wirelessly. This also means that you don’t have to upload your entire iTunes music library to your Android phone. The app will do this automatically once you’re phone and your computer are connected to the same home network. Additionally, Music WithMe Android app also has social discovery feature.  The app aggregates music shared from multiple sources including Rdio, Last.FM, and Pandora. It will let you explore music your friends are sharing through various social music services. Aside from this, ParkVu Music WithMe has also revamped its UI, improved the feedback and sync reliability, new My MUSIC tab and new ability to change storage location if you are using multiple SD cards. Additionally, bug fixes were also carried out in this new version of the app. Music WithMe Android app is available now as a free download from the Android Market.

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