You’re probably familiar with Big Fish Games and their vast assortment casual games. Patchworkz is the latest Android game from Big Fish and it’s a great new puzzler that folks of all ages can enjoy. Patchworkz is a puzzle game that puts you to work patching together puzzles that range from flowers to triceratops. Putting pieces into play is as simple as dragging them into their proper place as there’s no need to rotate or resize anything. The look of the game is what makes things interesting as you’ll work puzzles using materials like glass, wood, fabric, stone, and paper. Each material has its own set of puzzles, and there looks to be around 100 of them in all. Patchworkz has some depth, and it also features a timed “Fever Mode” to go along with a high scores table and around 25 achievements. Patchworkz is a polished puzzle game with plenty of levels and a big emphasis on casual. The game has a laid back atmosphere which works well, but it’s nice that you can totally switch it up with the hectic Fever Mode. I also enjoyed the use of materials for the puzzle pieces, and hope they’ll add more in the future. There’s a free version of Patchworkz you can try out that gives you some glass levels to play through, and if you like what you see you can snag the full version for $1.99.


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