Path Social Networking App Arrives on the Android Market

After a few months of being available for the iPhone, “closed” social networking app, Path has just been released, finally to the Android Market. In case you’ve missed the news about Path, the app gathered some buzz when it was recently for the iPhone. Why? Because it claims that it is a social networking app and yet your contacts are limited to 50 people only. Weird? Not really. Path answers our need for a quieter social networking environment. Meaning, exclusive only to friends and family members who we want to divulge our whereabouts to. And Path gives you a 50 person limit who will become your Path contacts. I’m pretty sure, most of us will appreciate this kind of social networking service. Speaking of social networking, yes as mentioned Path is a social networking app. As such it pretty much has most of the usual social networking features and functionality that you could wish for in a mobile app. Specifically, Path letsy ou capture and share life’s moments through photos. It also lets you tag your moments with people, places and things as well as view your friends’ moments. The app also lets your friends know how each moment makes you feel using Emoticons. Path also lets you have intimate moments with your contacts through Chat. Now if you miss Facebook when you get hooked into Path, you can publish the occasional moment on your Facebook Wall as well. To sum it up, Path Android app is a nice social networking app that lets you be yourself on a simple and private network which you can trust. Path is available now as a free download from the Android Market.

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