Photos Leaked Show the Amazing Samsung Galaxy NX

Samsung Galaxy NX Not long ago, actually yesterday if I recall correctly, Samsung confirmed the rumor about their PureView like Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 smart phone, now we already have a new one about an even cooler device, the Samsung Galaxy NX .The info was released by Samsung’s CEO during a press conference about the Galaxy S4 sales and he confirmed his company is developing currently two Android running cameras. So, what do we have here? Samsung working on a smart phone which will be almost  equal in performance as a low-end dedicated camera, that’s certain, I mean the Galaxy Camera. This baby is a copy paste from Nokia’s 808 PureView smart phone , the last Symbian phone released by the Finnish company back in 2012 if memory serves.  This baby features a 40 Megapixels camera sensors and Nokia’s own PureView technology, being capable of taking amazing snap shots, like no other phone on the market, even today. Well, getting back to business, Samsung’s Galaxy Camera 2 is expected to be released officially in London, one week from now at a special event. Now, we have some cool photos of a new Android running Camera like smartphone, actually I don’t know what to make of it. If you take a glimpse at the official pictures, it looks like a DSLR and it’s called Samsung Galaxy NX. This “NX” tag represents  the high end line in Samsung’s camera series. So we should expect the best of the best, shouldn’t we? Samsung Galaxy NX Besides the cool fact that the Samsung Galaxy NX is running on Android OS, it promises high tech specs, like a 20.3MP APS-C sensor capable of video shooting full HD clips at 1080p resolution and an ISO of 25.600. Everything sounds professional about the Galaxy NX, as it comes with interchangeable lenses. Samsung Galaxy NX That’s all we know for now about the Samsung Galaxy NX, besides the cool pictures and we should take these as a rumor for now, but if we take into account the previous leaks from March about this device,it seems that we’re up to something. Anyway, the revealing event from London is just a week away, starting on June 20’th so hold on for more breaking news, as they happen. Source: TINHTE

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