Photos of HTC One Mini Leaked

HTC One Mini There were lots of rumors about the new mini-Me, I mean the HTC One Mini, now we have some hard evidence to show you. By hard evidence, I mean pictures, of course, the phone is not yet available, doh. This time, the digital paparazzi is an Estonian website (they have internet in Estonia, go figure), namely Forte, and they managed to put their greedy little nerd fingers on HTC’s latest midget, the One Mini. They were kind enough to share the joy with us, as they took some pictures and that’s it, now the whole world knows about it. HTC One Mini As you can see from the pictures, the HTC One Mini looks a lot like its bigger brother, for example is shares the full metal jacket, I mean aluminum unibody, also it features that cool Ultrapixel 4 MP camera, it has stereo speakers and its sound is augmented by the Beats audio sound system, as usual in HTC’s flagship devices. HTC One Mini As the name suggests, the midget has a smaller screen, a 4.3 inches wide touchscreen with 720p resolution and a pretty cool 342 ppi pixel density. In terms of processing power, it only features a dual core CPU(just like my laptop), powered by a Snapdragon system on chip, most probably. That’s classified info for the moment. As for RAM, it is the same 2 GB and the internal memory is a decent 16 GB. According to the rumors, the HTC One Mini runs on Android OS version 4.2.2 and it will compete with Samsung’s Galaxy S4 Mini, sharing the same name, obviously. Damn’, these Asians don’t have imagination, don’t you think? What’s next, iSamsung Lumia? As for dimensions, the HTC One Mini looks as wide as the standard HTC One, only shorter in length, of course, but it’s actually a bit thinner. You can judge yourself from the pictures. Forte claims that the HTC One Mini will be launched this summer, probably in August and the price tag will be a hefty 400 Euro. In real money, it’s more like $500, we will see about that soon enough. HTC One Mini Source : Forte  

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