There was a leak about the possibility of a White Nexus 4 yesterday, but it seemed too good to be true. The image was of high quality and we reckoned it to be the real deal, but as it was submitted anonymously, we had our doubts about its credibility. Today some more pictures surfaced about the alleged White Nexus 4, and they are also looking legitimate. The images show a White Nexus 4 from various angles. Although we would have very much loved to have a fully White Nexus 4, the images tell a different story. The White Nexus 4 is not that “white” it seems and feature a black front plate. Multi colored phones look quite attractive if done right, the iPhone 5 has a great color scheme and it looks quite beautiful, especially in white. But unfortunately the same can’t be said about the White Nexus 4, as it looks like someone halfheartedly jammed the black and white parts of the phone together. This makes the White Nexus 4 a no sale, at least for me. Those who are interested will be glad to know that the “sparkle effects” of the reflective holographic effects are still intact; as a matter of fact they look more beautiful in white. The White Nexus 4 also have silver camera and flash trims as opposed to the regular blacks ones. If these photos are to be believed, the White Nexus 4 will be exactly the same except from the white part of course. As these are unconfirmed leaks, the White Nexus 4 may not even see the light of the day. But history states that the White Nexus 4 is an astute possibility, as all the previous Nexus smartphones had a white variant. There is no official confirmation about the existence of the White Nexus 4; we are worried that the regular version is never fully in stock, what will happen to the White Nexus 4. Follow the source link to enjoy more pictures.

Source – Slashgear

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