Pictarine Android app makes sure that you’ll never miss a photo from your social feeds

With the years that I’ve been using both an Android and iOS device, I lost count of the many photo-related apps that I’ve downloaded and used for both mobile platforms. That’s why, I didn’t have second thoughts in downloading this new app called Pictarine.

Pictarine Android app has one major purpose – cull photos posted by your friends and contact from your various social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr and Tumblr and presents them in a simple and yet useful, single interface. The app also allows you to like, comment and share your friends’ photos while at the same time keeping you up to date with their life.

I’ve managed to linked my Facebook account to the app but having difficulties connecting others. I don’t know, maybe its my operator’s crappy network which is not allowing me to do so. So, I’ll try again. But in the meantime, I checked out how it goes for my Facebook account and so far, so good. Photos are fed pretty well but don’t expect photo quality to be as crisp as how Google+ Android app display photos in their highest resolution possible. But that’s only when viewing the photos on the feed. When you tap on the photos, the app shifts to another screen giving you the higher resolution version. And that’s pretty good.

Suffice to say, Pictarine looks to be a promising photo-related Android app. Hopefully, future updates will address issues when connecting to social networks as well as compatibility with various Android devices.

If you love this kind of Android apps, check out Pictarine. You might actually like it.

Update: The app just got an update which is available now from Google Play. We were told that this update fixes the problem when connecting other social networks other than Facebook.

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