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Plants vs Zombies and Chuzzle to be Released as Amazon App Store Exclusive

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Mobile game developer PopCap Game is about to make the Android world a little bit exciting with the arrival of its most popular iOS game, Plants vs Zombies for Android phones and tablets. What’s interesting about this news is the fact that PopCap is taking a different route as to the release of its Android game. Instead of through the official Android Market, PopCap decided instead to have the game released on the Amazon App Store. By release we mean some exclusivity.  Since, it will initially be available on the Amazon App Store instead of releasing it on the Android Market. Well, whatever PopCap’s reason is, it’s for them to keep. What we’re concern here is of course the game itself. It will retail for $2.99 once released on the Amazon App Store. The good news is that Amazon is offering the game for free during its first day of release, so if you haven’t done so, you might as well check the out first before spending your hard-earned $2.99. In addition to Plants vs Zombies, PopCap is als releasing another game, called – Chuzzle. This game will be available starting May 18 and will run for different two-week periods. Starting on May 18 until May 30. After which, Plants vs Zombies will be made available. So, there – two great games to watch for in the coming weeks. Which one you getting? Or are you getting both for your Android device? via [BGR]