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Play Games and Win Prizes with Giftiz for Android

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There are a lot of Android apps out there that help you find new and interesting Android Games. Giftiz from Purple Brain is one such app, but it’s a bit different from the rest as Giftiz actually gives you a chance to win prizes by simply playing games. Giftiz is an interesting little app as it lets you discover new apps by playing ones from the Giftiz catalog, and it actually rewards you for actually playing the games. Each game has a set amount of XP you can earn by completing missions which vary from game to game. A few of the ones I took on where reaching level 5 in Tip-Off and killing off the first boss in Alien Pig; none of the tasks or super hard and the XP payoff has been more than fair thus far. As you complete missions and gain XP you’ll level up and earn coins or “giftiz” which is what you’ll use to try and snag prizes. You’ll use your coins to spin a wheel that’s marked with prizes and the more coins you have the more chances you have to win. Prizes are done by your overall level; you start out getting to go for mystery gifts, but can start going for gift cards around level 7. The prizes are definitely cool and range from $5 to $1,500 dollar Amazon gift cards to Ps3’s and MacBooks. Normally I don’t go for these types of apps, but I made an exception for Giftiz and I’m glad I did. They game selection is small at the moment, but they have a nice selection to choose from. It also helps that they’re good games and not filler; I’ve personally played or reviewed over half of what they have to offer and thought it was great to see Open Sea! and Jazz: Trump’s Journey available. I haven’t earned enough XP to try for a big prize yet, but if I hit one I’ll post an update to let you know. If you’d like to try some cool games and take a crack at winning prizes you pick up Purple Brain’s Giftiz for free on Google Play.