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Pocket Gems releases Airport Scanner for Android

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airport scannerBack in May we talked about a popular iOS game called Airport Scanner from the Kedlin Company. Pocket Gems planned on bringing it to Android in June, and today they’ve delivered as Airport Scanner for Android has gone live on Google Play.airport.scanner-2 Airport Scanner lets you live the life of a security screener, and you’ll have to stop the bad guys from bringing contraband onto flights with some help from your handy X-Ray scanner. You’ll have to think quickly to keep anything from slipping past you, the TSA agents will handle the rest. In between levels you’ll get to play a mini-game that lets you dish out justice on any passengers you caught, and you’ll also get the chance to upgrade your X-Ray 2000 with new tech. There are five different airports to screen, lots rare items to find, and plenty of passengers to bust in the wacky world of Airport Screener. I haven’t had a chance to spend much time with the Android port of Airport Scanner, but if it stays true to the original you’re in for a good time. There are some in-app purchases present, but it remains to be seen how or if they will affect the game. If you’re ready to catch some criminals, you can pick up Airport Screener for free on Google Play.

Airport Scanner